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Flanagan Neurophone NF3

The Neurophone NF3 is a redesigned and improved version of the older Neurophone models. It has the low weight and the practical size of the Neurophone GRS and like to the Neurophone DSP, you can connect external sound sources to it. Like the DSP, the Neurophone NF3 can also be used without an external sound source. Instead of the pink noise integrated in the DSP, you receive a CD with five different sounds together with your Neurophone. For these sounds, Patrick Flanagan has coupled the sound of running water with selected mixtures of frequencies (see below). Without an external sound source, the NF3 transmits the basic ultrasound signal. 

An advantage of the NF3 is the integrated, improved feedback mechanism with which the Neurophone is adapted to the user. The feedback mechanism was a core point in the development of the NF3 that adapts to the user even better than the older models. Improving the exactness of this adaptation has made the ultrasound signal transmission even more efficient.

Scope of delivery Neurophone NF3:

  • Neurophone device (11 x 2 x 6 cm)
  • 9 V battery (you can also use the Neurophone NF3 with rechargeable batteries)
  • 2 pairs of electrodes (as spare parts or if two persons wants to use the Neurophone NF3 at the same time)
  • 1 connection cable for external sound sources such as CD player, MP3 player, mobile phones etc.
  • 2 audio splitters
  • Flanagan Neurophone CD with 5 different sounds:
    - running water
    - energy
    - spiritual growth
    - learning
    - health

Price: EUR 733 (plus shipping)

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