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Flanagan Neurophone NF3
(Neurophone device and 9 volt battery + two pairs of electrodes + 2 audio splitters + 1 CE with five different noise frequencies + 1 connection cable)

733,- €

Sensor V (shipping not included*)

710.- €

Fibonacci-CD (plus EUR. 2,20  for shipping to Germany. Shipping costs for other countries on demand

17,- €

*  Please ask us about shipping costs to other countries. We will only charge you the actual shipping costs.



This is how you can order:

Please send your order, including delivery address by e-mail to: You will immediately receive an e-mail with our bank account number and we will send your delivery on receipt of your payment.

Please note: The Neurophone NF3 and the Sensor V are being produced in small series and they can sometimes be sold out due to strong demand. Please inquire about the availability of the products and the expected delivery time before you order. N

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.