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Flanagan Neurophone NF3

  We are working on an english translation of the website. So far, please have a look at our Neurophone magazine for background information or Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s report ‘History of the Neurophone’.

   The Neurophone NF3 is now available, together with two pairs of electrodes and a CD with 5 different tracks with water noise, combined with frequences for relaxation, learning, health etc.

   The Neurophone NF3 includes an improved feedback mechanism and is very small and lightwight. Nevertheless it includes the possibility to attach external sound sources like CD players, MP3 players oder mobile phones with a connection cable. This enables you to transfer any audio sound/ information via the Neurophone NF3 into your system. The Neurophone encodes those information into it’s ultrasonic wave and transfers it via your skin into the saccule and the brain.

   Please see the online magazine for more information about the sound/ frequency tranfer.

   We deliver the Neurophone NF3 worldwide with two years of warranty. Please contact us for questions or shipping costs.

Scope of delivery Neurophone NF3:

  • Neurophone devicet (11 x 2 x 6 cm)
  • 9V battery (you can use the Neurophone NF3 with rechargable accus, too)
  • 2 pairs of electrodes
  • connection cable for external sound sources as CD player, MP3 player, mobil phones etc.
  • 2 audio splitter
  • Flanagan Neurophone CD

 733,- € plus shipping costs